New Year Resolutions [Part 1]: Reaching out to Old Customers


Get back into shape

“Get back into Shape”: That's the most common New Year Resolution for many people. So, January is a great time to get new customers.

3 types of customers you could market to:

  1. "Brand new" customers.

  2. Old customers: who no longer have active memberships with you

  3. Referrals: Rewarding current customers for bringing in new customers

Which method is going to work the best for you?

You're going to have a lot more luck with “Old Customers” and “Referrals”

Why? Read on.

[This post talks about reaching out to your old customers. I'll share my thoughts on how you could use “Referrals in January” in the next few days.]

Marketing to Old Customers

It must already be obvious to you. This is perhaps the easiest method to increase your membership.

Here's my own story: I signed up at a yoga center near my home back in 2016. I was regular in my practice until early this year. But then I stopped practicing for almost 7 months.

During those 7 months, I saw many offers from other yoga centers. But when I was ready to start my practice again, I just signed up again at my old yoga center.

Even though they did not give me any discounts.

Your customers are probably going to do the same thing.

3 things you can do

Here are 3 things you can do to get you old customers back in January:

[Let's assume your customer's name is Shankar]

1. Dec 20th: Send message #1


2. Jan 1st: Send message #2


3. Jan 10th: Send Message #3


4. Bonus Idea:

Look at your data and find the names of the top 20-30 customers in the last 12 months. Then call them and tell them to restart practice.

Sending the above messages

There are two ways you can quickly send the above messages:

  1. WhatsApp Broadcast: Create a WhatsApp Broadcast of all of your past members and send it out to each of them. Make sure to add the dates [Dec 20th, Jan 1st, Jan 10th] in your calendar - so you don't forget to send out the messages on time.

    NOTE: Please keep in mind, that broadcast messages can only be sent to customers, who have saved your number in their contacts.

  2. Use Good Karma: Our product can take care of this automatically for you. All it takes is 2 steps:

    • Import all of your past customers in our database, along with their last billing date.

    • Review the messages, dates and hit "Schedule"

It's that simple.

We'll automatically select all of your "dormant" customers and send them the WhatsApp messages on the scheduled days. Automatically.

Your customers can then respond in WhatsApp - and start a conversation with you right then and there.

Write to me at, if you’d like to learn more about the above feature.

The clock is ticking

Whether you choose to use Good Karma or want to do this on your own, I'd recommend that you start planning this activity right away. There's only 6 weeks left.

If you want to copy/paste the above messages, you can find all of them here.

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