Growing your yoga center - when there's a nation-wide chain nearby


The Challenge

Here's an Economic Times article that you have already seen: Nationwide wellness chain raises Rs.1200 crore investment. 500 centers coming soon.

They already has more than 75 centers around India. Today.

One of their yoga centers is in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

There's another yoga center 7 minutes away. Called Aayana Yoga. And Regeesh is the founder of Aayana.

The solution

How does Regeesh grow Aayana, when there's competition from a large nationwide chain?

You answer might be: "By teaching yoga better than the competition".

And that would be correct. Aayana has very good Google Reviews and Ratings.

Regeesh does a few more things to keep growing Aayana:

  1. Building a long-term bond with students

  2. Eco-friendly marketing with Yoga Trees

  3. No time wasted on collecting money.

Read on.

1. Building a long-term bond with students

Regeesh wants all of his students to come regularly, so that they will all be healthy and happy.

The challenge: With more than 150 students across two locations, it's just not possible to constantly track, call up and speak with the irregular students.

The solution? He sends out an automatic message like the following:


Here's some of the responses he's got so far:

Its clear from the above messages, how much the students appreciate Regeesh's teaching. And even more importantly, that he's cared to follow up with them.

The system he uses only sends out a few messages each day. So, he's able to read all of the responses even on his busiest days.

2. Eco-friendly marketing with Yoga Trees

Here's two pictures of Regeesh.

Regeesh is a yoga teacher. So the yoga asana photo is pretty standard. But what's he doing planting a tree?

He's celebrating the achievement of his most consistent yoga students.

Here's a poster of the full event. And a message that was sent to all the members of Aayana after the event.

Regeesh is doing this every month.

Needless to say, this improves two things for Aanaya:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing: More people come to know about Aayana every month

  • The Aayana brand improves every time the event happens.

3. No time wasted on collecting money.

Its almost 2019. You don't need to raise Rs.1200 crores to be able to automatically run your yoga center.

Aayana has automated everything from attendance to payment reminders. This allows both him and his manager - to focus on growing their business, rather than spend precious time doing simple things.


As you must have guessed, Regeesh isn't distracted by any competitor - large or small. He's just too focused on his customers and growing Aayana.

PS: Regeesh and Aayana Yoga have been Good Karma customers for more than 2 years now.

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