Tarunidhar [Part 2] - Diving deep into yoga and its philosophy

Welcome to the episode #6 of the Good Karma interview series!

In the first part of the interview with Tarun, he shared with us his story, how and why he became a yoga teacher.

I invited Tarun back a second time. This time it was to get his perspectives on yoga and its philosophy.

Tarun's 8 years of teaching experience speaks volumes.

We discussed a wide number of topics including:

- Yoga vs other exercise forms
- The importance of the breath in yoga
- The qualities of a great yoga teacher
- The ego and how yoga helps to work with it
- Various forms of yoga [traditional vs more modern forms]
- And more...

Here’s the full interview. Its almost 2 hours long, so if you’d rather jump to specific topics that we discussed, scroll down to find what interests you and just click any of the links below.

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Topics we discussed

Here’s the list of topics we discussed. Click on any of the links below to jump straight to that part of the interview. Enjoy!

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Yoga vs Exercise

Awareness during practice - required or not?

Qualities of a great yoga teacher

Hybrid institutions vs pure yoga institutions


Focus vs Awareness


Forms of yoga

Beer Yoga & Goat Yoga

Naked Yoga

Needs vs wants of the student

Time tested forms vs new forms

Hatha yoga vs Iyengar yoga

Hatha yoga within Hatha yoga

Iyengar yoga - resistance of the mind

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Hatha yoga

Group practice vs Self-practice

Online courses vs in-person classes


Tarun’s final tips for yoga practitioners

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