Dr.Prashant's dream - Part 1/3

Dr.Prashant's dream is to build India's largest yoga center chain. You would have wondered how he would do it - if you'd met him 2 years ago. He had less than 50 students at that time.

But today, he has 19 locations, 20 yoga teachers and more than 1000 members. Chaitanya Wellness, his yoga center, offers group classes, teacher's training and personal classes.

Dr. Prashant - Founder, Chaitanya Wellness, Bangalore

Dr. Prashant - Founder, Chaitanya Wellness, Bangalore

His secret? Hard work and a deep belief in himself.

And...Yoga Tree. We're proud to be their trusted software platform through this whole journey.

Prashant told us one thing clearly: "Yoga Tree should never slow me down. For example, I should be able to add new locations in less than 5 minutes."

Learn how Prashant's vision, careful planning and smart use of technology is helping him grow.


Prashant shares our Prime Minister Modi's vision of spreading yoga - not just across India, but the whole world.

Along with his wife Shreya - who is also a yoga teacher, they started Chaitanya Wellness in Bangalore - with a goal of teaching and helping thousands of students grow through yoga.

Careful planning

Prashant realized early on that he need to do multiple things to achieve his vision:

  1. Provide group classes at his own yoga center

  2. Provide group classes at apartment complexes

  3. Provide personalized therapy sessions - for certain students who were not able to join group classes, because of certain health conditions, and

  4. Last but not the least, offer Teacher's Training programmes - not just to help teach more students under the Chaitanya Wellness umbrella. But also to help his graduate teachers spread their wings and yoga across India and the world.

With careful planning, he gradually assembled each of the above pieces of the puzzle together.

Finding a software partner

To make all of the above happen, Prashant needed one thing more than anything else: "The freedom of movement". Unless he was able to constantly meet new people at different places, for various business reasons, he would not be able to expand his operations.

At the same time, he also needed to make sure that operations were going along smoothly, even when he was not physically available to monitor things.

The only way he would be able to achieve that goal, would be using software. But he also knew that he could not just trust anyone to build the software for him.

When we first spoke with Prashant, it was clear that our vision for Yoga Tree perfectly matched his own vision for Chaitana Wellness. He was confident that we would not only support him on his journey of growth, but help him accelerate.


1. Using our CRM system, Prashant is able to manage all of his calls and contacts in place. Even when he's on the move. The system automatically tracks all his calls - including missed calls. All his students contacts are in one place any time he needs it.

2. As mentioned above, Chaitanya today has 19 locations and 20 teachers. How long does it take Prashant to add a new location to the system? 5 minutes. Within 5 minutes, he can just add a new branch, and start accepting enquiries, booking trials and registering new members.

3. With more than 1000 members spread out across so many locations, how does Prashant make announcements to reach all his customers? Once again, he uses Yoga Tree's broadcasting system to do this.

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