Dr.Prashant's dream - Part 2/3

As mentioned in the previous post, Dr.Prashant is a meticulous planner.

He was very clear what he expected from Yoga Tree. He told us:

dr_prashant_part 2.jpg

"I spend a lot of time doing 2 things:

1. Answering calls from new customers - for telling them simple things like pricing and class schedules.

2. Following-up with customers for payment. Including all additional unpaid classes that were taken.

I want both of the above to be automatic. For both group classes and personal classes."

Basically Dr.Prashant needed two things: More time and better cash-flow for expanding his business.

Read on to learn Yoga Tree helped him achieve that.

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IVR + Landing pages

We realized a long time ago that if there's one thing fitness instructors don't like doing, its being in one place for too long. So, one of our key design goals has always been creating more freedom of movement for our customers.

The other key goal that we had was to allow our customers to share information and work together with the rest of their team - while they're on the move.

One area where this is very important is handling enquiries from new customers. Prashant needed a system that would allow him to do all of the following:

  • Answer calls automatically 24 hours a day

  • Answer the most commonly asked questions by customers automatically

  • Ensure that every customer's contact info is stored safely - so he can follow-up with enquiries at a later time as needed

  • Track all missed calls and remind Prashant, to call the customer back before its too late.

  • Allow for automatic booking of trial classes

Here's a short video that explains the problem.

And here's how we solve the problem using our IVR + Landing page solution

Automatic payment reminders

If there's one thing that bothered Dr.Prashant more than anything else, it was the ability to collect payments from customers. There were two problems associated with this:

  • Getting paid on time, and

  • Ensuring that all additional unpaid classes taken by customers were paid for

Today Dr.Prashant uses Yoga Tree's membership management system for all his accounting and payment collection needs. His customers are now reminded automatically using our system, days in advance of their membership plan expiry. This gives them ample time to make their payment without delays.

And in case there are delays, the system automatically avoids any accounting related disagreements between Prashant and his customers. Because every additional class attended by the customer is tracked and reported to everyone.

Yoga Tree handles all of the above for both Group classes and Personal classes.

Here are some snapshots of the messages sent out by Yoga Tree:

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