Dr.Prashant's dream - Part 3/3

Personal attention

In the previous posts, we shared with you Dr.Prashant’s dream and how he is achieving it.

One of Dr.Prashant’s concern was this:

"Yoga is a very personal experience. Each student is different. Their needs are different. So, its important for us to maintain a personal touch with each of our customers."

Dr.Prashant & Shreya - Founders of Chaitanya Wellness, Bangalore

Dr.Prashant & Shreya - Founders of Chaitanya Wellness, Bangalore

How could Yoga Tree help him grow his business, while ensuring that each student still got personal attention?

Not only was his request a great way to delight and retain his customers, but there are two other significant points to be noted here.

  • It costs 8 times more to get a new customer, than to retain an existing one

  • Every customer that you retain for the long term, is a huge opportunity to get *referral customers*.

Learn how Yoga Tree is helping Prashant delight and retain his customers by giving them the personal attention that they deserve.

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Keeping in touch

Once a member signs up, starts coming for classes, gets comfortable with the teachers and institute, the attention of the teachers and the founders starts to slowly shift to other new customers.

This is problematic for multiple reasons:

  • Many members struggle with being consistent with their practice. They start skipping one or two classes a week, and then may gradually stop coming for classes altogether.

  • Feedback from Long term members is very important to collect and then to keep improving services based on what they think.

  • Unless existing customers are delighted, it is very difficult to referral customers to sign up.


While no founder will ever disagree with the above points, most of then find it very difficult to maintain constant contact with their customers.

Prashant, for example, is almost always busy between teaching his own classes, managing his other teachers, doing teacher's training, marketing his business and answering phone enquiries.

So, how should the problem be solved?

How Yoga Tree helps

Yoga Tree automatically reaches out to your customers when certain "events" happen. Such as the following:

  • When a member starts to become inconsistent in their practice

  • When a member crosses certain key milestones - such as 25, 50 and 100 classes attended

  • On a member's birthday and anniversary

  • When a member come back to classes after a break

  • When there are holidays coming up..

And so on.

And then when the customer responds to our automatic messages, we automatically notify Prashant know about it. He can then pick up the phone and call them..or just chat with them on WhatsApp.

Customers love it!

You already some of the messages that we've received from members so far. Here are some more messages. Enjoy.

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