Santhanam [Part 1/3] - Freedom to leave 👋


Santhanam Sridharan - Founder, Chakra Project, Mumbai

Santhanam Sridharan - Founder, Chakra Project, Mumbai

Santhanam is the founder of Chakra Project, a yoga center in Mumbai.

They conduct Yoga classes, Workshops and Retreats. Santhanam employs a team of teachers who take classes at various times and at different locations.

Santhanam uses Yoga Tree every day to help him run his yoga center operations smoothly.

48 hours before the trip..

On a recent call, Santhanam told me:

“Vaidy, I'm going on a 14-day Vipassana meditation in 48 hours. I'll be in complete silence. And totally off the grid. My friend, Neelam, will be keeping an eye on everything when I'm gone. I know its short notice…but is it enough time to add her to Yoga Tree and train her to use it?”

My response: "Adding her is easy. About the training, let her just play with it. She’ll be able to figure it out. Otherwise I'll guide her."

12 hours later…

I hadn't yet heard back from him. So I called him to see if everything was okay.

"Santhanam, was Neelam able to make her way through the system? Do you need us to pitch in to train her?"

Listen to his response:

Here's what he said:

"It took almost no's really simple. Really really intuitive." (Laughs again!)

One more worry..

But now Santhanam had more questions for me:

"How will we handle customer calls when I'm gone? How will I know whether a customer had a specific question that Neelam wasn't able to answer?"

"We can route all calls to Neelam's phone in your absence. And all calls are recorded. You can easily review them once you're back - and reach out to any customers who might need your special assistance.", I responded

"That's perfect. Thanks."

He seemed relieved. And ready to head out for his Vipassana session.


Santhanam is always on the move. In the above audio recording, you can hear the traffic in the background. He’s hardly every in one place for both an hour or two. And very rarely in front of his computer.

He values his freedom of movement. Whether that is traveling around Mumbai or going on a Vipassana session. While also being able to run his yoga center without worry.

At Yoga Tree, we’re glad that we were able to help him retain that freedom.

2 weeks later..

In the next part of this series, we'll talk about how Santhanam gets back to "business" after he returns from his trip.

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