Santhanam [Part 3/3] - Away...but in touch 🤝


In the last 2 posts, I shared with you the following:

Part 1: How Santhanam was able to leave for his Vipassana trip at the drop of a hat.

Part 2:  How he was able to calmly stay away from business for 14 days

In this post, we’ll talk about how Santhanam is able to stay connected even while not being physically present. 😇

Staying in touch...while being away

Automated follow-up message sent to customers

Automated follow-up message sent to customers

One of the key features of Yoga Tree is to help founders stay in touch with their customers. I wrote a bit about this, while talking about how Prashant gives personal attention to his growing number of students.

Santhanam was also able to leverage the same feature to demonstrate his concern for his students, while he was away for 2 weeks.

Imagine you were a student at his yoga center. And you hadn’t gone for practice for a few days. And then you get a Whatsapp message “signed by” Santhanam - asking if everything was okay. You may know that he’s away on his Vipassana trip - but you also know that he cares about your practice as well.

You get reminded that he’s been careful to not let go of his customers, even when he’s away. That he’s invested in your welfare.

Going one step further

Of course, Yoga Tree cannot substitute Santhanam’s personal touch. But we can make it easier for him to focus on those customers who need the most support.

Here’s a daily report we send from Yoga Tree to Santhanam:

Whatsapp follow-up stats.png

When Santhanam receives this, he knows exactly who to call first. He’s able to devote the limited time that he has in the most effective way.


Yoga is all about building more compassion and empathy for our fellow human beings. At Yoga Tree we appreciate this. And we strive to design our product so that, it enables more yoga teachers and students to be more deeply connected.

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