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Baburaj Raghavannair: The secret to bliss? Mastery, devotion and love

Life is always teaching us. Every challenge we face is a lesson. And it’s one lesson after another. Whatever the situation is, if we can face it, accept it, without complaining, life will start to “flow”. That is yoga.

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Tarunidhar [Part 2] - Diving deep into yoga and its philosophy

Take a dive deep into yoga with Tarun in this 2 hour long interview.

Tarun's 8 years of teaching experience speaks volumes.

We discussed a wide number of topics including:

- Yogs vs other exercise forms
- The importance of the breath in yoga
- The qualities of a great yoga teacher
- The ego and how yoga helps to work with it
- Various forms of yoga [traditional vs more modern forms]
- And more...

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Regeesh Vattakandy [Part 2]: Asana - an obstacle in the path of yoga

The body is the lowest aspect of our existence, and what we’re doing with asanas is to bring our awareness to the most “gross” part of our existence.

It is the duty of the yoga teacher to take the awareness away from the body to the non-physical.

The paradox of Hatha Yoga is that your asana practice can become an obstacle in the path of yoga itself.

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Regeesh Vattakandy: Battling depression - an inward journey to happiness through yoga

Regeesh is the founder and chief teacher at Aayana Yoga in Bangalore. Over the last 5 years, he's grown Aayana into a popular yoga center in South Bangalore.

In about 60 minutes, Regeesh takes us on an international ride spanning multiple life-changing experiences.

I came out of the interview inspired, with the hope that I can discover myself as well through my own yoga practice.

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Tarunidhar: Words failed him, but Yoga allowed him to express himself

This episode is special for two reasons:

  1. Our guest’s story is one that is super inspiring because of his courage and honesty.

  2. We got the audio of the full interview recorded! So, if you’d rather listen than read, this episode would be perfect

We discuss a bunch of interesting things in this interview including:

- Yoga teaching as a career choice

- Tarun’s journey with stammering

- The empathy in the yoga community

- The philosophy of yoga

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Sandeep Manur: fighting against odds and winning

The list of odds that Sandeep has overcome is daunting.

That includes an almost fatal injury when he was just 4 years old and dropping out of school before grade 10.

I came out of this interview more inspired and determined to achieve my own goals. And also more grateful for the opportunities that I have.

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Silky Agarwal: Keeping your dream alive

Silky is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur from Mumbai. She started The Yoga Mile about a year ago.

I interviewed Silky to get some insights into her yoga journey so far, why she started teaching yoga, why she opened up her own yoga center, why its called "The Yoga Mile", the challenges she faces and how she overcomes them.

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