Yoga Trees

What’s the big idea?

Saplings waiting to be planted :)

Saplings waiting to be planted :)

Welcome! We're celebrating yoga practice by making the world a greener place.

It's a simple idea. Each month, we'll plant one tree for each of the top 5 consistent practitioners in your yoga center.

That's 5 trees a month :).

But why is this needed?

Lemme introduce myself first: I’m Vaidy. A co-founder at Good Karma.

Here's my personal story: I struggled for years to stay consistent in my own yoga practice. It was only in my 5th attempt - and after 8 years of trying, failing, giving up, trying again, failing again, giving up again..that I finally was able to get into the groove of the practice.

It felt like a lonely journey. I was lucky to find some great teachers who were so patient and compassionate with me.

But that took 8 years of my life away!

My team and I started Good Karma to help yoga practitioners like myself - to stay motivated and grow with consistent practice. To always be able to see light at the end of the tunnel. To know that you're not alone in this journey.

And as we grow, why not also make the planet greener? By planting trees to celebrate our individual success?

That's what this project is about.

Who’s going to be involved?

  • Today, there are 3 parties involved:

    • Good Karma - We're responsible for all of funding and the logistics of the whole event. As mentioned above, we will also be using the Good Karma app to decide the winners for each month.

    • The Yoga Center's Founders - we need your thumbs up to make this happen

    • The members at the yoga center - The more consistent you are, the higher the chances of getting a tree planted in your name.

  • In the not too distant future, we'll also have one more party:

    • A non-profit organization - that specializes in planting trees. This will help us to ensure that we can continue to do this activity for a long time to come.

Where will the trees be planted?

At this time, we've shortlisted KR Park in Basavanagudi, Bangalore to plant the trees.

We're constantly scouting around for more locations both in Bangalore and across India.

We ask the following key question before finalizing on a location:

  • How well will the trees be taken care of, after we're done planting it?

  • Will they be watered well?

  • Will they be safeguarded from miscreants, who damage public property?

  • Will they be protected against diseases?

  • Are they placed in a location, where the public can take comfort in their shade?

  • Are there likely to be a good density of trees in the same location - so it becomes a mini-forest over time?

When will the trees be planted?

This will be done between the 5th and 15th of each month. We'll be celebrating the top practitioners from the last month.

So, for example, we'll be planting 5 trees between November 1st and 15th - for the most consistent practitioners in October.

How does it exactly work?

Here's how it works:

  1. All of your practitioner check-in data is safely stored in Good Karma. GK also allows us to easily generate a report that bubbles up the top 5 practitioners for each month.

  2. Once we have the top 5 names, we'll invite each practitioner and all of the teachers at the yoga center for the tree planting event. The invitation will be sent on the 1st of each month.

  3. We'll decide on a mutually acceptable date and location for the planting event. This will happen by the 4th of each month.

  4. Good Karma will procure the saplings. And we'll plant the trees together on the scheduled date.

  5. We'll take lots of pictures of the event.

  6. Good Karma will create a poster of the event with the pictures and share it with all practitioners at the studio.

  7. We'll also send a printed version of the poster to the yoga center. So that you can put up the poster on your noticeboard :)

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